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Lavender ID Card by SpiritOfTheLilys Lavender ID Card :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 8 0 Crashing Currents by SpiritOfTheLilys Crashing Currents :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 4 0 Pixel of my new crystal eye bean by SpiritOfTheLilys Pixel of my new crystal eye bean :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 5 0 Hnn pixels by SpiritOfTheLilys Hnn pixels :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 5 5 I might have over done some things by SpiritOfTheLilys I might have over done some things :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 10 9 Icon (Pokemon Township) by SpiritOfTheLilys Icon (Pokemon Township) :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 7 2 Josie is a winter child by SpiritOfTheLilys Josie is a winter child :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 7 0 NITW Bluebell by SpiritOfTheLilys NITW Bluebell :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 10 4 Vlytch Quest 7 Example by SpiritOfTheLilys Vlytch Quest 7 Example :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 3 2 NITW Sona by SpiritOfTheLilys NITW Sona :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 5 0 NITW Pixels by SpiritOfTheLilys NITW Pixels :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 9 0 Pose! by SpiritOfTheLilys Pose! :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 6 0 Bluebell icon thing by SpiritOfTheLilys Bluebell icon thing :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 10 2 Untitled by SpiritOfTheLilys Untitled :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 10 0 Noodle Beans Are Soft by SpiritOfTheLilys Noodle Beans Are Soft :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 4 0 The Sky Is Where I Want To Be by SpiritOfTheLilys The Sky Is Where I Want To Be :iconspiritofthelilys:SpiritOfTheLilys 4 0


Space In My Head by 1Apple-Fox1 Space In My Head :icon1apple-fox1:1Apple-Fox1 15 2 Terrapup #1 by rainfinch Terrapup #1 :iconrainfinch:rainfinch 13 3 Terrapup #2 by rainfinch Terrapup #2 :iconrainfinch:rainfinch 12 3 Summer Terrapup Adopts [2/2 Open] by rainfinch Summer Terrapup Adopts [2/2 Open] :iconrainfinch:rainfinch 8 3
[LORE] Energysent
Across many civilizations on this planet, there is a legend regarding the Greater Energy Circle that states:
Life gives way to life
But when the Circle's balance is disturbed
The resulting energy creates it's own twisted version
We call them the Energysent
Energysent are beings that resemble Nyulop and Draken very closely. Some say that the difference is in the eyes, others say that the difference cannot be spotted and that they blend in perfectly alongside us.
Energysent are not born, but created directly from the Greater Energy Circles energy. It is said that sometimes they come in the form of eggs, sometimes they come in stone-like objects... and sometimes, they even come as-is - as full creatures.
Energysent, being created from raw energy, appear to be much more powerful than natural life on this planet. It seems that control of the energy they came from is as natural to them as breat
:iconwhistlercrest:WhistlerCrest 7 8
What Would You Like To See Next?
Hello everyone! Hope you're all have a fantastic day.
As Whistler Crest continues to grow (at a much faster rate than anticipated, but we're not complaining!) we'd like to know what sorts of things you're most interested in seeing from us in the near future!
We'd considered relegating this to another poll, but we opted for a journal instead, as it allows us to 1) write more (you know how much we love to talk!); and 2) provide an easier opportunity to start a conversation.
We have MANY things planned for Whistler Crest's future: plots, events, contests, etc.
But we also want to know what you would like to see from the group.
We'll list a few things we currently have in the works (or plan to have soon) and we invite you to choose any of them and let us know both why you're interested in that, and what your hopes are for them.
You're more than welcome to choose more than one thing, should more than one appeal to you.
And we're open to suggestions as well! We do our best to l
:iconwhistlercrest:WhistlerCrest 5 17
Weekly Prompt #13 - Cosplay Competition!
Costume time~
{no image yet}
Draw your Astrolyte in a cosplay costume! They can dress as anything, even another Astrolyte!
You can only do this prompt and get the rewards once, but you can draw your Astrolyte doing this anytime!
Submit your Prompt entry in the Weekly Prompts Folder!
Doing this prompt will reward you with +8 along with the normally earned Halogens and a special sticker!

The Prompt will end on the 30th of June
Thanks for reading and happy drawing!
:iconastrolytes:Astrolytes 4 2
[Prompt 3] Fight Fest P1

" Will you be able to handle the training?"
- Artemis
There's a certain event that Aerolins takes place sometimes. The Fight Fest. Somewhat like the tournaments you have but they will get into 1v1 or team matches against others. Either that or the obstacle course.
However, only Low to High-Tiers can take part in this Fest. No Viruses or Alpha classes are allowed to take part. The berserkers can only fight with each other. Normal Classes are allowed to bring at most one item in the fight with them.
in this prompt, you will have to draw your Aerolin training for the 1v1 match, team matches or the Obstacle course.
Once you've done your prompt, Reply your Aerolin's ID(s) with the prompt entry in the correct section that's going to be linked and state whether you're entering the 1v1 matches, team matches or obstacle course. You will be able to choose your team members.
Click here to to go to the specific comment
:iconoujikyuu:Oujikyuu 26 25
Aesthetic Aerolin Test Customs [OPEN]
I kinda thought it'll be fun to do these so why not
You will be able to choose:
☆ The Class and Tier
☆ The gender
☆ 4-6 images to base your Aerolin from
Any other information is not guaranteed, and the clothings can't be chosen. You can hint them in the images you send though but it won't be exactly the same. 
The prices will increase the higher the Tier.
Special Traits can be included as an extra to any Tier.
Virus Class extras can be added with the normal ref.
The final product will consist of a normal ref (one with eye close-up and tail underneath) with wings and a ref without. (And a Monstrin ref if you choose a subspecie tier)

:iconoujikyuu:Oujikyuu 17 121
Aerolin Trade/Resell Center
I thought this should be a thing other than putting trade journals in the folders. You still can put them in there though.
☆[ RULES ]☆
- You can list Aerolins for trade/sell
- Don't harass anyone/ guilt-trip anyone.
- Please only use this journal to list Aerolins.
- Once the transition is finished, please tag Oujikyuu so that it'll be hidden.
- You are only to resell those to an equal value or trade them.
- Do not have conversations in the comments, lets keep it nice and tidy with offers only. 
Active trades/sales/Swaps will be featured so that people can easily scroll through and see if something is open. So be sure to reply to your initial comment saying its closed so we know when to unfeature it.
Comment under with the Aerolin you are selling/Trading/Swapping and make sure to let people know what you are looking for, or if you are looking for open offers. You can also link to a journal you have made as long as it follows the rules above. 
Click here i
:iconoujikyuu:Oujikyuu 9 22
Story Challenge #1: Welcome to Kitter Keep!
Hiya! You must be the new Kitters I’ve heard about! So, how have you liked Kitter Keep? It’s a great town, isn’t it? Anyway, I was wondering if a few of you would be willing to help me today. You see, whenever a Kitter needs help, I come over and do what I can. However, there’s been so many requests for help lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with them. Could you please help out? I’m sure some of the Kitters would be willing to give you a small reward in return for some assistance.
Oh, and remember to have fun!
Elemental Obstacles
Hey, it’s great to see some new faces around here! I’m Rinley, the leader of the Adventurer’s Guild. Whenever there’s a new region to be mapped, a monster to be subdued, or a Meep to be rescued, we’re there to do the job!
Anyway, that’s not what I need you here for, though. You see, the gui
:iconkitterkeep:KitterKeep 4 21
Imaginatives TNG: Pg.119 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.119 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 16 28 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.118 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.118 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 10 17 Elemental Glaron concept by Laura10211 Elemental Glaron concept :iconlaura10211:Laura10211 5 0 Magic symbol chart by Glarons Magic symbol chart :iconglarons:Glarons 5 0 | Astrolytes | UNWANTED | Story | by BlueKoi-Png | Astrolytes | UNWANTED | Story | :iconbluekoi-png:BlueKoi-Png 17 0



Lavender ID Card
Name. Lavender
Nickname. Lav,Flower
Class/Tier. Medic

Gender. Female
Pronoun. She/Her
Sexuality. Pan
Age. 18
Sector. 11
Job. Making sure Aerolins don't die heeling down stairs (medic/doctor)
Height. 4' 8''

Personality. Negative: Snarky,Smart-a**,Anxious,Blunt,Abrasive Neutral: Determined,Mellow otherwise,Sarcastic,reserved Positive: Alert, Curious, Flexible,Humble,Protective 

Backstory. TBH
Likes. Coffee,Nights,Heeling around,Chocolate,Sleep,Tea
Dislikes. Staying up past 4 am, others being hurt,little kids,screaming,crowds

Other. TBA

Relationships. TBA

Type of rp preferred. 3rd person, comments or discord

Like thank you?? just these beans are adorable and you need to join??

[OPEN] 72 Hour Luceling MYO Event by vapordog
Crashing Currents
Kinzoku is siting at the edge of the lake, using her magic to push against the current, though from a small rocky start, she managed to keep it steady

Pixel of my new crystal eye bean
wOOoo my new crystal eye bean!!

the species is :iconmagic-gems: by :icontitanokt:

i got them at this lovely gatcha!…


it's semi open and i highly recommend joining! the group is new, but it's awesome!

fullbody design:…

sorry for the amount of stuff in the description,but I felt it might be necessary 
these are adorable,and i found them in the early stages of the group and i would love to share the group with you!




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Like thank you?? just these beans are adorable and you need to join??

[OPEN] 72 Hour Luceling MYO Event by vapordog


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United States
Hey! Im Spirit, but you can call me any nickname you prefer!

the ones I prefer

Wyngro hell member

and much more!

Geo Page-Doll by P4ND4-ST4R Geo Page-Doll by P4ND4-ST4R Geo Page-Doll by P4ND4-ST4R

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Profile picture by Tobiaskin , minor edits by me (just one pixel)
Icon by tvcub

She/Her or They/Them pronouns if you don't mind!

NOTE TO SELF: DON'T TAG OAK IN ANYTHING!! im an idiot for forgetting

No need to thank you for watching, favorites, llamas, or similar things. you deserve it

Sassy Icon by SpiritOfTheLilys Relax by SpiritOfTheLilys

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